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Monday, August 25, 2008

The development of wireless energy

Intel has developed a wireless electric power system that could revolutionise the way we live as drastically as the development of electronic devices themselves. This is a critical development which will free people from the power socket. People will be freed from wall sockets because this form of conducting electricity does not require transformers. The technology also promises a reduction in product size and energy losses, since transformers generate a lot of heat or current resistance.

The technology was unveiled by Intel chief technology officer Justin Rattner. He demonstrated the Wireless Energy Resonant Link at the Intel's annual developers forum in San Francisco by sending electricity to a lamp on stage wirelessly, and in the process powering a 60-watt light bulb, which uses more power than a typical laptop computer. More importantly the conduction did not electrocute any observers. The human body is not affected by magnetic fields; it is only affected by elective fields. The question is whether the technology can be developed in a way that does not interfere with the operation of other devices. Would you want your retail store to be sharing its power or interfering in some way with any car passing by. Of course the technology is at an early stage of development.
Possible applications include laptops, mobile telephones and other mobile devices for use in airports, offices and other buildings . This is of course just the start. Perhaps we might be looking at other ways of discharging power remotely. Perhaps the first application might be the powering of your wireless mouse for your computer so you don't need batteries or a wire, not to mention other accessories. The technology is likely to eliminate the need for chargers, since these mobile devices will get their power by wireless from your car and computer, etc. You will no longer need batteries for many applications.


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