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Governments this year have ramped up their global warming propaganda, but in truth, just how certain is global warming. In the process of preparing a consulting report, we undertook some research and were startled by government policy. We will show that the propaganda being financed by government is shamelessly creating hysteria for the sake of political expediency.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thinking about buying solar power

I have just finished writing a report on renewable energy. If you listen to the press you might be dismayed by the state of the environment, but actually there is reason for confidence from science. There are some exciting new technologies which are being commercialised in the next two years, as well as some prospects for greater efficiency and lower cost down the road. I am particularly impressed by the fuel cell and the prospect of generating power from much more efficient solar energy cells.
When is the time to buy solar power systems you might ask. I would argue that the time to buy is when you can obtain a 3-4 year payback from buying. Any longer than that, they you are wasting money. These systems will unfortunately not be compatible with new technology, so no benefit there. If you are interested in renewables refer to this report.
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